Who We Are

In early 2000, our founder John Rankin had a vision.

The seeds of this had been nurtured through the struggle of the people of Castlemilk, and the continuing insistence of the powers that be that they knew what was best. 

During his time in Castlemilk, there had taken place a massive regeneration project had been initiated to revitalise Castlemilk, the results had been devastating for the Community.  In stead of the promise of a new vibrant and fit for purpose environment, they had only succeeded in adding to the misery of the population to the tune of tens of millions...

Having experienced this first hand and having watched as those around him had succumbed to this horrific social engineering debacle. John Rankin decided that in whatever way he could he would expose the corruption and duplicity in a heart felt effort to ensure that this injustice would not continue.

Merrylee Matters had been born, alone at first John drew close similar individual who shared the same ethos, a desire to highlight social injustice, corruption and the exclusion of the working class.

All involved are very different individual with complex backgrounds; however they shared stalwart camaraderie, envied by many who have sought to destroy and divide, however we have stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, John Rankin passed away in 2005, the contents of his obituaries highlighted the manner of this man, and his desire until his death to expose and address all manners of injustice, not only in this Community but across the City.

This is a brief description of the events which led to the formation of Merrylee Matters, the efforts and victories that had been achieved could fill volumes.  This was just the beginning of a battle that would leave us in not doubt that corruptions and social inequality is a many limbed infectious beast, so read on as the fight continues…

“Batallamos Hasta La Victoria, Siempre”