Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Unethical Standards of the Coward!!!

Haven't posted for a while due to the unhealthy borderline, obsessive attention we have been receiving from certain members of the public, wanted to see how far they would stoop and it appears that they can go virtually subterranean. 

You know who you are and if the only way to undermine a long established, highly regarded social campaign organisation, by nothing short of cowardly tack-ticks then carry-on.  

I'm sure those who know us and who really matter support our meritorious endeavours, commitment and views.  As for whoever you are, I would suggest that you crawl back under whatever slimy stone that you emerged from.  

It would appears that you cant handle the heat, and if so then you really should get out of the kitchen, as we will be cooking up a storm when it comes to social issues and the treatment of the vulnerable, disadvantaged, socially and politically excluded in our society.

Speak soon...

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  1. Hello
    It's been a while since this site has published any articles and I wonder if I will even get a reply,,I will sit and wait and I hope so because I have a vested interested and maybe something to add so whoever has given up the good work,, please come back again.