Monday, 17 October 2011


I recently read an small but thought provoking article that appeared in the South Glasgow News.

The article in question had revealed that Glasgow Housing Association proposes a £7 million transformation of one of three multi-storeys, earmarked for demolition, in order to offer key worker and young professionals, local to the new Southern General Hospital and Digital Media Quarter at Pacific Quay the opportunity to rent one of 98 affordable priced flats, with an option to purchase later.

Part funding for this project, 1.1 million, will be provided by the Scottish Government’s, Innovation and Investment Fund. GHA’s Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Alex McGuire, had said “We are determined at GHA to help increase the number of housing options people have in the City, not everyone can buy in the current market”. Capital Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment Alex Neil said “With the public purse under huge financial strain we need radical and innovative approaches to increase housing supply at maximum value for taxpayer’s money, we called for fresh thinking and new ideas and in response Councils, Housing Associations and Private Developers have risen to the challenge magnificently”.

The story concluded with the information that the previous tenants had been re-housed in upgraded properties, new built homes or houses belonging to other registered Social Landlords.