Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Unethical Standards of the Coward!!!

Haven't posted for a while due to the unhealthy borderline, obsessive attention we have been receiving from certain members of the public, wanted to see how far they would stoop and it appears that they can go virtually subterranean. 

You know who you are and if the only way to undermine a long established, highly regarded social campaign organisation, by nothing short of cowardly tack-ticks then carry-on.  

I'm sure those who know us and who really matter support our meritorious endeavours, commitment and views.  As for whoever you are, I would suggest that you crawl back under whatever slimy stone that you emerged from.  

It would appears that you cant handle the heat, and if so then you really should get out of the kitchen, as we will be cooking up a storm when it comes to social issues and the treatment of the vulnerable, disadvantaged, socially and politically excluded in our society.

Speak soon...

Friday, 6 January 2012

Atos at it Again!

A New Year,  but no good cheer if you are one of the 1.5 million disabled and long term ill who are being forced to face degradation and hardship at the hands of Atos, who carry out Medical Assessments, as the Government funded henchmen of the DWP.  Surely no one can deny that these Assessments are deeply flawed and in most cases, it would appear inaccurate information is being passed to the DWP, via Atos’s medical staff, resulting in intolerable stress to the claimants forced to Appeal.
Yet there seems to be little or no media coverage of what is nothing short of a Human Rights issue.  If it wasn’t for dedicated campaign organisations, blogs and web sites very little of what is taking place would even reach public attention.

If this was happening at the behest of a Government less favoured by our own, then no doubt the media frenzy would be overwhelming.  This only goes further to highlight the hypocrisy and lack of social conscience or empathy by the Government, who have the gall of using as one of its defining slogans “fairness” however we shouldn’t forget that 23 of the 29 Ministers entitled to attend Cabinet Meetings have assets and investments worth over a million.

With the Atos 2’s Trial set for the 27th and 28th February 2012, and it now being reported that an estimated 31 individual have died whilst involved in the Appeal’s process, a figure which if challenged by a Freedom of Information Request would undoubtedly be much higher, it all  makes for alarming and grim reading.

Now with news of Unum, “one of the leading Financial Protection Insurers in the UK”, that’s how they describe themselves,  involvement then it can only be assumed that as usual the public will be the last to know, but lets save that for another day.

Until then…