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Before John’s death and certainly in a more robust fashion now we have been subject to what we have always considered to be politically motivated interventions and deliberate wilful attempts to undermine our organisation and its activists.  Our crime it would appear is our continuing search for and highlighting the truth behind the systematic corruption and deliberate attempts to control the Civil and Political Rights of the individual.  This incipient behaviour runs throughout many Public bodies that have a vested interest in controlling and dictating our daily lives.

Some food for thought, how truly free are you to contribute to decision making in your daily life.  We are not talking here about law breaking or subversive activities, we are talking about your daily life.  Have you watched your environment change, heard of the formation of various Agencies who have what is described as  a “relevant impute” into major decision making processes without even knowing who they are,  you must have heard the term “following consultation” or “with impute from the wider community” that the decision has been taken to close a valued public amenity, deprive the community access to green space, had relatives or friends questioned on their ability to deal with their own existence.

This typifies completely what we at Merrylee Matters have been striving to expose since our inception.  We have researched and observed trends that follow a consistent pattern, this always leads to just one conclusion, that there is no such thing as true “Community Engagement”, or the “Right to Free Speech”, there is no such thing as following “The Consultation Process”, there is NO CONSULTATION PROCESS, that has ever asked us, or anyone else who is not directly involved with a Community Council, or appropriate Agency or Public body, their opinions on what is important to them.  However, neither you nor we will ever be part of that consultation process without becoming a part of the mechanics of bureaucracy. But you can, every time you see a new development appear, or a local amenity is closed, or witness anything that impacts on your life, ask WHO TOOK THE DECISION, WHO HAD BEEN CONSULTED.  You will be surprised because you will be told it was you, through the consultations process.  This is when you will see the usual suspects, and the next time, the usual suspects and when you do question be prepared to be accused of being abusive, intimidating or impossible to work with, don’t be deterred, this is a tried and tested method of silencing you, which means you are on the right track, so don’t give up.  YOU HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!!

Unfortunately there has been a price that we at Merrylee Matters have consistently endured, we have been investigated by the Police, and other Agencies, arrested, our character and integrity questioned time and time again.  We have been infiltrated by disruptive influences intent on our demise.  However what strengthens our resolve and motivates us it the simple fact, IF WE ARE SO WRONG THEN WHY ALL THE COMMOTION?