Saturday, 5 November 2011


The Anti-Capitalist Demonstrators will relocate from George Square to Kelvingrove Park after reaching an agreement with Glasgow City Council. 

Aamer Anwar, representing the protesters, said: "It's a victory because, as I understand it, it's the first time the council have offered an alternative location for an occupation that's taking place on city council property.

"One view of the occupiers will be that Glasgow City Council perhaps support the anti-capitalist movement and have given a helping hand to the protesters by relocating them to Kelvingrove Park."

Even the notion that Glasgow City Council would support an Anti-Capitalist ethos is a joke, apparently it has nothing to do with Remembrance Day or the Glasgow Loves Christmas Events that start in George Square on the 20th November running through to January 2012, least we forget all the revenue the latter generates. We are talking about Glasgow City Council here, Revenue over Democracy, no contest.

I did wonder why, if the Council are being so generous they did not offer the Demonstrators Glasgow Green as a camp.  After all the Green has a long history of debate and demonstration. I suppose it is a touch to close to the City Centre and the Capitalists themselves, don't want to spoil their festivities. 

However, on the other hand the decision to relocate the Demonstrators to Kelvingrove Park could have come down to logistics, the Council I’m sure had taken into consideration the fact it would be harder to kettle and forcibly remove the Demonstrators in the wide open spaces of the Green.

Well good luck to the Anti-Capitalist Demonstrators, out of sight out of mind, for the time being anyway…

Viva Democracy!!!

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